Californa Conversations Magazine

California Conversations is an extraordinary publication targeted to educate and inspire California’s diverse Capitol community. This quarterly magazine endeavors to remind us of the institutional history in the Capitol, and to inspire us to think about opportunities into California’s future. California Conversations develops storylines from the millions of diverse people, each with their own stories, residing in our state. Highly regarded within the Capitol community, this magazine is read by elected officials, agency and department staff, members of the third house, and members of the Capitol press corps.

California Conversations excels at shining a light on curious, unknown, and enlightening stories within our community. Interest areas include politics, sports, the arts, and more. California Conversations has also had in-depth articles with both current and former policymakers, including Governors Pete Wilson and Gray Davis. Other features include an exclusive interview with Gary Condit, (the only one granted to any publication in the country), a glimpse into the life of former Speaker of the Assembly Willie Brown, exploring a second passion of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s, an intimate conversation with Harrison Ford, and green tea and conversation with Actor/Director Clint Eastwood.

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