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Aaron Read

Chief Executive Officer

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Aaron Read has been a legislative advocate for more than forty-five years. He began his career in the late 1960s after he obtained a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) and went to work for a large statewide association.

Aaron formed Aaron Read & Associates (ARA) in 1978. ARA has grown into one of the most influential lobbying firms in California. The select list of clients covers a broad spectrum and allows the firm an opportunity to work with the entire political spectrum. Aaron has a unique perspective of what works and what doesn't in government and counsels clients on effective strategies to achieve their goals.

Aaron has extensive experience in all phases of political work, including lobbying extremely complex and controversial issues, public relations and coalition building, as well as constitutional offices, legislative and initiative campaigns. Aaron also has special expertise in creating and managing large political action committees.

Aaron is a lifelong pilot, has a lifetime teaching credential and is also a former graduate level instructor in business and public administration at Golden Gate University. He enjoys spending time with his family, golf, SCUBA diving and other water sports and real estate investments when not walking the Capitol halls.