For 40 years, Aaron Read & Associates has been Sacramento's Premier Lobbying Firm.

Legislative Advocacy

Legislative Advocacy

We represent an extraordinary group of clients. In the course of each working day our clients play an important role in making life better and safer for all Californians. We work hard to have our clients believe in us because they have set a standard that allows all of us to believe in them.

We take legislation from concept to statute. We have not only written legislation that meets the needs of our clients, we have provided the intense lobbying often necessary for success. We also provide key testimony in committee hearings and educational meetings that led to its passage. As you are experiencing now by tapping into our web page, we have a long history of employing the highest quality methods to deliver our message honestly.

Campaigns & Public Relations

Campaigns & Public Relations

Our staff has managed every aspect of candidate and issue campaigns. From organizing walks to full Independent Expenditure campaign management, our record of success is unmatched. Framing an issue and delivering the message through a detailed public relations program is how we stay ahead of the ever-changing world of politics under term limits.

Linking lobbying to a strong public relations program is often what makes the difference between winning and losing and is a strategy that places us above the rest.



We assist our clients seeking procurement contracts with relationship building, message development, RFP/RFI strategy, and long-term relationship maintenance to ensure a company’s strong, continuing presence in California.

After years of working in state politics and alongside many administrations, we have developed relationships with numerous department agencies. From the elected statewide officeholders to middle management staff, our work on behalf of our clients has allowed us to build a trust with those who make decisions on the procurement contracts created to fulfill the needs of the state.

Smart strategy begins with being well informed. In the complex political environment in which California's laws are written and our State's public policy is debated, it makes sense to have an experienced ally who can place the critical issues of our day in perspective.


Marketplace Communications is the sister company of Aaron Read & Associates and is a full service public affairs agency, providing clients with the best in strategic counsel, media relations, digital implementation, campaign strategy, collateral development, coalition building, crisis management, & event-planning. Marketplace Communications is unmatched in experience & relationships.

For more than 30 years, the team at Marketplace Communications has played a leadership role in moving public policy and opinion on extremely complex and controversial issues. Framing an issue and delivering the message through a detailed public relations program is how Marketplace Communications stays ahead of the curve.

Marketplace Communications has utilized a variety of communication methods to expand brand identification and increase market awareness. This includes traditional communication methods such as direct mail, paid advertising, broadcast advertising, phone banks, statewide polling, grassroots community meetings and large scale conferences and new digital media.

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