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Presidential Seal

The page for PresidentDonald Trump, which features biographies and much more information on the First Family, Vice President Mike Pence, and past presidents, too. The site also contains links to recent White House events, updates, press releases and hot topics. Finally, it offers the White House tour and virtual library with direct access to federal services.

United States Senate Seal

The Upper House offers information about Senate members, committees, leadership and pending legislation. Senate support offices are also included.

U.S. House of Reprsentative Seal

The Lower House page provides free access to bill text and status for House bills and resolutions being considered by the 115th Congress. Additionally, the site includes information on Representatives and Speaker Dennis Hastert.

U.S. Congress Seal

A valuable resource for information on the U.S. Congress. This exhaustive page is clearly tailored to offer everything you want to know about pending federal legislation, including full bill text, recent floor activity, the Congressional Record, committee information and pertinent historical documents.

Library of Congress Logo

This site also contains additional links focused on expanding historical perspective for the web reader. Topics and exhibitions available on this site include Dresden, the Dead Sea Scrolls, French Culture and the Temple of Liberty. The site also includes links to the popular Global Legal Information Network.