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This index lists state agencies, departments, divisions, boards, commissions, and other state entities.

Maintained by the California Legislative Counsel, this site provides access to full bill text for prior and current sessions, including resolutions and constitutional amendments. The site includes a complete guide into the legislative process and features a glossary of legislative terms and helpful internet hints.

Governor Jerry Brown's official home page features biographies for both him and his wife First Lady Anne Gust Brown, along with the Governor's insights into California and the legislative process. More information on the Governor's budget should go to

A valuable resource for information on election results, campaign financing and electronic filing issues.

Overseen by the Joint Legislative Budget Committee (JLBC), this nonpartisan page features in-depth analysis of the budget, plus other legislation, proposals, initiatives and additional pending items affecting California.

The official State Senate page features everything you need to know about California's upper house, including Senator biographies, zip code search for your Senator, daily Senate updates and news flashes. Naturally, the site also features full access to all bills for the current and prior session, along with votes, analysis, history and status for each bill. For surfers interested in more in-depth analysis of major policy areas, take advantage of PICO (Policy Information Clearinghouse On-Line) by clicking on Senate Committees and Offices, followed by one click on the Office of Research.

Though the page itself suffers from confusing design and complex overlaps, the official Assembly web page does offer a full range of information on the State Assembly, along with complete committee listings and current events and updates for the Lower house.

Sponsored and maintained by the nonprofit California Voter Foundation, this impressive site features numerous links to political categories and pages featuring pending California legislation, political news sources and information about the California Voter Foundation.

This multi-link page to law-related internet resources places special emphasis on California, breaking down link listings into categories such as State Government, International Law and Journals. The site also features search tools, Internet discussion lists and Court Opinions.

California Law consists of 29 codes, covering various subject areas. Search all the codes from this convenient web site.