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Terence McHale

Legislative Advocate

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Terence has worked at Aaron Read & Associates for more than two decades. Prior to joining ARA, he served as the Director of the California Fire Foundation and Consultant to the California Assembly Committee on Fire, Police and Emergency Services. In 2009, he was awarded the Director's Achievement Award on behalf of CAL FIRE. He led the successful campaign to develop the CAL FIRE brand.

Terence McHale was the press liaison for the California Assembly Committee on Police, Fire and Disaster. There, he handled crisis management in the MTBE campaign, and has expertise in public policy and strategic communications. Terence is currently an officer at Aaron Read & Associates as well as Marketplace Communications. He also serves as the editor of California Coniversations Magazine. He has interviewed and written stories about such interesting Californians as Clint Eastwood, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Harrison Ford, Gary Condit, Governor Pete Wilson and Governor Gray Davis. Terence graduated from UCLA. He lives his family in Elk Grove.